Duduk di Hong Kong terlalu lama?

Duduk di Hong Kong terlalu lama? Saya mendapati ia sedikit lucu membaca satu artikel ini di satu blog TheGuestRoom. Blog ini memaparkan kuiz bertanya beberapa soalan yang biasa tentang bagaimana seseorang berfikir dan berkelakuan di Hong Kong. Setiap jawapan kepada soalan mempunyai markah, dan markah terkumpul akan menentukan sama ada anda sudah berubah dan berkelakuan seperti warga Hong Kong yang lain.

Saya copy paste balik soalan soalan dari blog TheGuestRoom itu di sini. Seperti yang anda lihat di bawah, lagi banyak markah yang anda dapat, menunjukkan lagi lama anda sudah tinggal di sini.


Have you been in Hong Kong too long ?

Hong Kong is a city that can make or break you. Some thrive and some barely survive. I’ve seen the kindest and most patient of people turn into fierce animals.

Have you been in Hong Kong too long? Total your score to help you decide.

a. While seated on the MTR, if a seat on the end becomes available, do you switch seats?
3 Points- Always, keep me away!
2 Points- Sometimes, it’s the best seat.
1 Point- Never

b. Do you say, “Lah” at the end of your sentences?
3 Points- Always, it’s okay, lah.
2 Points- Sometimes, it just slips out.
1 Point- Never, I speak English.

c. Do you hold open the door for people coming behind you?
3 Points- Never, I don’t have time for that.
2 Points- Sometimes, if I’m not in a rush.
1 Point- Always, it’s too easy.

d. Do you buy more than 20 toilet paper rolls at a time?
3 Points- Always. It saves me 6-8%
2 Points- No, but I would if my apartment was bigger.
1 Point- Never

e. Have you yelled at a phone operator?
3 Points- Yes
2 Points- Yes, because he kept interupting me.
1 Point- No

f. Do you wear a scarf and winter coat when it is above 12 degrees Celcius?
3 Points- Yes
2 Points- No
1 Point- No, because I dont have a winter coat in Hong Kong.

g. Do you say, “Aiyaa!”
3 Points- Yes, it’s absolutely neccessary!
2 Points- Yes, only jokingly.
1 Point- Never

h. Do you play on your smart phone during dinner?
3 Points- Yes – It’s more entertaining than my family.
2 Points- Yes – Only for very important matters.
1 Point- Never

i. Do you get annoyed when you see someone sneeze?
3 Points- Yes, visibly.
2 Points- Yes, if it’s near me.
1 Points- No, everyone needs to sneeze.

j. Do you ask people if they’ve eaten or not?
3 Points- Yes, it’s better than saying, “How are you?”
2 Points- Yes, because I just need to know!
1 Points- No, it’s none of my business.

AND the results are……..

RUN!! I’m not saying that you should go and never come back. Just get out and experience a different culture for a while. Hit refresh! Understand that there are two sides to every coin. Come back with a little more patience and empathy for others. After returning, take a stab (probably not the best verb to use with you…) at Tai Chi or yoga.
Get yourself to Lockhart Road and pick out some paint for your apartment. Adding some colour and warmth to your home can only help.

You are officially in “NO MAN’S LAND”. I’ve seen people lost in this state for years. You may remain here for a long time or you may tip towards insanity-it’s anyone’s guess. My suggestion is a nice long holiday back home. Afterwards, bring back some leisure reading and a greater sense of calm and awareness of others. Cut yourself completely off of Chinese tea and put a “Bucket Lah” in your living room. Everytime you say, “Lah,” throw a few dollars in the bucket. At the end of every month, the money collected must be spent on tips for waiters and taxi drivers.

You’re safe, for now. But don’t be too complacent and take the fact that you grew up in a western country for granted. You’re on a slippery slope and could very easily be eating chicken feet on the regular very soon. We recommend that you spend a little more time outdoors this year. Take some extra hikes and find a way to get to the beach more often. Avoid lining up for food and have an extra glass of wine before calling NOWtv.

Don’t go feeling overly proud of yourself. Back in your home country, you’d still be considered a freak. And if you’ve only been in Hong Kong for a year or less, you should definitely be concerned! We recommend never sitting on the MTR. Go onto that train with the mindset that sitting is for the weak and you don’t need it and take pride in not having to check your phone every 5 minutes or so. Very important! Never say, “Aiyaa!” It’s extremely addictive and once you do, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stop.

Congratulations! You’re doing just fine, but don’t go tooting your own horn too loudly. Sometimes the slightest of events can turn your course and once that happens it’s anyone’s guess where you’ll end up. Keep focussed on tolerance and remember that you never know whether that person walking the slalom in front of you has some sort of disease or not. Also, don’t hide yourself from local culture. Get yourself out for an outdoor dinner at a dai pai dong and take the tram once in a while.


Saya pun ada cuba untuk menjawab soalan ini secara suka suka. Markah yang saya dapat adalah 16. Jadi kalau megikut blog ini, saya masih selamat dan masih belum menjadi warga Hong Kong sepenuhnya. Saya masih orang Malaysia.

Untuk soalan (b) iaitu “Do you say, ‘Lah’ at the end of your sentences”, saya tidak pasti ini betul atau tidak kerana bagi saya penggunaan perkataan “lah” ini lagi banyak digunakan oleh orang Malaysia dan Singapore ketika bercakap.

Sudah tentu ini kuiz ini adalah untuk suka suka, so jangan ambil serius sangat..

Jika ingin membaca kesemua artikel saya mengenai Hong Kong dan tips melancong ke sini, boleh rujuk di pautan ini: Hong Kong


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